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Jackson Hole

DSCN1446Day 1 – Saturday, March 10

Ryan and I arrived in Jackson Hole airport at about 3 in the afternoon, on the American Airlines flight through Chicago. We had been anxious the whole flight and excited to be finally arriving.  About two hours later, Mike and Wendy arrived. They had driven over Teton Pass from Salt Lake City, where Wendy lives. We went to Bubba’s BBQ of Arnold Schwarzenegger
fame, did our food shopping for the week, and DSCN1476then enjoyed the remainder of our evening in the hot tub, drinking sparkling wine and
Grey Goose vodka and tonic.

Day 2 – Sunday, March 11

We went riding/shredding (Mark, Ryan and I) and telemarking (Wendy) at Jackson Hole resort.  The first day it was overcast.  The resort had been low on snow all season, and it showed.  Although the cover was good, conditions were CIMG2212generally old, packed powder or frozen corn during the mornings, turning into slush in the
afternoons.  We spent most of the week on the groomers, since the ungroomed chop had long since petrified into treacherous ice formations, which Ryan and I have always called “coral”.  The icy obstacles that we dodged from time to time, as Wendy taught us, are “death cookies.”  We went to the Mangy Moose afterwards for a drink.  The skiing elite call this “après-ski” but snowboarders are not welcome among the 100_1524skiing elite, so it was just “beer”.

We ate at the Three Merry Piglets, a Mexican restaurant in town. Alex and Teresa arrived in the evening after a long day’s drive from Omaha.

Day 3 – Monday, March 12

We went to Jackson Hole resort again.  This time 100_1532it was sunny and warm and the snow softened late in the morning.  While we were on the mountain, Corey paged us to let us know he had
arrived at the airport and Alex had picked him up. We left a little early and joined him at the house.  For dinner we went to Thai Me Up, a restaurant whose name conjures images of chains and leather but which had a very ordinary decor.  Mike, Wendy and Ryan entertained us with stories from work.  Alex
stayed behind because he wasn’t feeling well.CIMG2261

Day 4- Tuesday, March 13

Corey, Ryan, Mike, Wendy and I drove over Teton Pass into Idaho and then back up the mountains to Grand Targhee, which is a little northeast of the east face of Grand Teton and which is reputed by ski magazines to, among the US ski resorts, have the  most abundant snow and the most beautiful view.  Since it was CIMG2260overcast, we weren’t able to get a clear view of the southeast face of Grand Teton.  On the way there and back, Mike, Wendy and I watched the 80’s movie “Hot Dog: The Movie” while Corey
and Ryan, who were in the front seat, listened in.  For the rest of the week we all had to
listen to each other’s rendition of Rudy Garmisch’s “Sunny side up..” line.

Day 5 – Wednesday, March 14

CIMG2227Corey and Ryan went to Jackson Hole resort.  I joined Mike and Wendy to go snowshoeing to Huckleberry Hot Springs, which is near the entrance to Yellowstone.  From descriptions
from other locals and the web, we had been expecting a large hot pond but instead found a sprawling area along Polecat Creek where the ground was warm and bare of snow, with small rivulets of steaming water seeping from the ground.  In two places there was enough water streaming that somebody had long since CIMG2190dammed it up with rocks near where it emptied into Polecat Creek, forming partially man-made pools.  We took a dip in one of these pools.  The water temperature was just right!   On the way
back, Mike spent a great deal of time trying to track a moose to get some good pictures.

We cooked up steaks, potatoes and tossed a salad for dinner.

Day 6 – Thursday., March 15

CIMG2270This was our last day on the mountain at Jackson Hole resort.  The snow conditions hit the low point of the week, with the packed
powder becoming mostly sheet ice in the morning with the usual afternoon slush.  We had
a Shrimp Festival at Ship’s Prow, a rock shelf near the beginning of Rendezvous Trail, about 3,000’ above the village and with a clear view of Jackson Hole.  At the end of the day we met up with Alex and Teresa at the Mangy Moose for beer, nachos and a last group photo.  For dinner, we ate at Old Yellowstone Basement, a popular Italian / pizza restaurant which I had never eaten at before.

Day 7 – Friday, March 16

Corey and I dropped Ryan off at the airport in the morning, as he was leaving for a friend’s wedding, and then we headed back to the house to pack up.  We got the cars washed and then headed to the Bunnery, where Wendy and I ordered our eggs… Sunny side up!  Corey and I left on the afternoon flight to Chicago, and Mike and Wendy drove up to Taggart Lake at Grand Teton National Park for snowshoeing.